“ Hi Bess!  The horses are doing fine.  My mare was great at the clinic this weekend and everyone was full of compliments.  She had a nice froth in her mouth and was working well. The gelding is much happier too!  He seems to not be so scared of having a bit in his mouth.  Thank you so much,  What a difference to have a “teaching dentist “do the necessary work.  It was an eye-opener for me.”

“My horse wants to thank you for doing such a good job on his teeth.  He is chewing much better!”

“Bess, I am very grateful to you for finding and fixing my horse’s two wolf teeth.  Within one week she accepted the bit with no fussing.  She hasn’t tossed her head since then.  I still can’t believe that in 9 years, no one had done anything about it!”

“Thank you so much for coming and teaching us about dentistry and horses,  I am now enlightened and happy about it! My horse is doing well and no longer drops or throws his feed.”

“I’ve been meaning to call you and let you know how well my old mare is doing since you worked on her.  She is eating well and finally gaining some weight.”

“Everyone here is doing sooooo much better since you came and did their teeth.  They have been cavorting and carrying on, partly because of the weather, but also I believe they feel better because of their gorgeous newly-floated teeth!”

“Whether it is coincidence or not, my horse is doing better than ever since his visit with the dentist.  He is not resisting putting on the bridle at all.”

“OMG  so funny... Our aged pony was galloping up and down the driveway throwing in bucks and rears (as much as he can anyway).  Never seen him do that...most he’s done is canter up to the barn at feed time, Just FYI..you did good! Thanks!”

“ Just wanted to let you know how my horse is doing after his blind wolf tooth extraction...  He is doing great! No more head tossing!  He is still chewing a bit, but I expected that since he has not used a bit in several years if at all.”

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