Our Instruments

Tune Ups Equine uses a combination of traditional hand floats and high tech "power tools" to ensure that the best possible dental work is provided for your horse. The power tools are small spinning disks with small diamond chips that sand down the sharp edges and protuberant areas of the mouth. These instruments are safe, effective, and atraumatic to the tissues of the mouth. No blood! 

Equine dentistry instruments have evolved over hundreds of years, from simple floats with wooden handles and serrated metal heads, to lighter weight aluminum and stainless steel handles with carbide steel blades, to extremely precise and efficient motorized equipment with diamond chip disks.

In the last 15 years, the art of equine dentistry has become much more refined due to these high tech improvements in instrumentation, advancement in knowledge of equine dentistry among professionals, and higher expectations from horse owners and trainers regarding the care of their horses’ mouths.

Evolution of Equine Dentistry

Hand Floats Used in the Field by the French Army during WWI

Antique Hand Floats

Metal and Wood

Modern Hand Floats Solid Carbide Float Blades

Hand Floating with Full Mouth Speculum to Keep Horse’s Mouth Open

Modern Power Instruments

Used to Skillfully Sand Off Sharp Edges and Reduce Overlong Teeth