Common Dental Problems

Trauma From Bit

Tissue Injury

Tongue Injury

Sometimes it's not the teeth! 

Foreign Bodies

Retained Deciduous Incisor Caps

Cap Fragment


Slant Bite

Missing Incisors


Ventral Curvature "Smile"

Dorsal Curvature "Frown"

Sharp Enamel Points

Wolf Tooth

Retained Premolar Caps

Rostral Premolar Hooks

Rostral premolar hooks occur in the front of the mouth on the first upper premolar. 

Caudal Molar Hooks

Caudal molar hooks occur in the back of the mouth on the upper last molar. 


Ramps can occur on the lower first premolar or the lower last molar. 

Protuberant Cheek Teeth

Fractured Tooth

Excessive Transverse Ridging

Also referred to as "ETR". 


Tartar tends to accumulate on the canine teeth of geldings/stallions and sometimes along the gum line of the incisors. 

Unbalanced Molar Arcades

Eruption Bumps